Reiki Symbols

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Reiki Symbols

Symbols are an integral part of Reiki. Each symbol helps to enhance a particular attribute of a person. Examples of the attributes are peace of mind, courage, concentration, shield towards negative elements, immunity to viral diseases and even luck. Symbols are frequently used for cleansing a congested aura. A Congested aura is the root cause for all diseases. Diseases are a physical manifestation of a congested Aura. Cleansing a Congested Aura with Symbols is much more effective than other methods.

We give you a diverse collection of symbols, which can used in appropriate situations for our personal gain. Consider this situation, you are doing a critical piece of work that needs intense concentration. You feel distracted and tired but, you are on a deadline. This activity must be finished now. The Reiki solution for this problem is simple.

All we have to do is use the symbols for concentration and victory. This not only instantly increases concentration but also ensures success.

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